Jingles/Music Beds

Jingles are a fantastic way to give your company a unique voice which people can identify with. I’m sure everyone can relate to some really successful Jingles from the past: “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid” or “Oh I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer Wiener, that is what I’d truly like to be.” These Jingles have outlived many top 40 pop hits! As they say, “no one has ever sung the voice over guy when the commercial was finished.”

Below is a typical Jingle package, but we realize every business is unique, every advertisement and every person is unique. With that said, we speak in depth with every client, to come up with a custom musical solution, for their advertisement needs.

The standard Jingle package typically includes:

:60 second donut
:30 second donut
:15 second stinger
*instrumental alt mix

Pricing per custom jingle will vary based on project requirements. Some clients prefer “full sing” Jingles instead of Donuts. Some clients require a 40 piece live orchestra while other clients request a solo singer with an acoustic guitar. Please contact us to discuss your music vision and we can work with you to make it happen within your budget.

We can provide voice over services and consultation on your Jingle needs, from Music to tag-lines to your voice over message details. We can work with you to develop a successful musical advertisement.

Not interested in a custom Jingle? We can create a custom music bed to help invoke the right atmosphere for your product or services. Library music can only go so far, it’s YOUR advertisement, let’s make it count!

Novartis Bumper from Michael Lizotte on Vimeo.

New Balance commercial from Michael Lizotte on Vimeo.

Please contact us to discuss your advertising music needs.